Jackalone Photography was created out of passion and A LOVE for photography. My goal is to provide images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

How did I get started and why?  I was a senior mom and it was time for senior portraits. I had no idea where to go so I followed everyone else and used the school photographer.   We walked in and we were ushered into a small dressing room with a pulled curtain. We were told to wait outside the room and they would come to get my daughter when they were ready.  The big room was so noisy, there were dogs barking, cats meowing and believe it or not, a parrot talking.  We made it through the session, but my daughter left crying. I can't even remember what the photos looked like..All I remember is the bad experience we had.

I ended up taking my daughters's senior portraits for her.  I was an amateur who had not picked up the camera for awhile but boy when I did, I was forever changed! I realized that I had a gift!  A gift that could bring out personalities, make someone comfortable in front of the camera and created those special memories we wanted!  She loved her senior portraits and I do too!  So from there Jackalone Photography was developed January 2,1998, 20 years ago!

I attended several photography education workshops, including TX School of Professional Photography almost every year. Going to these workshops gave me the skills I needed to succeed! I love what I do and that is to create that special portrait for you to put on your wall and years later I hear you say, "that was a fun time and I love my portraits!"

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