Prepping for Holiday Cards
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Sunday, March 18, 2018
By Jackalone Photography
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I haven't sent out holiday cards in YEARS!  It's like the old saying goes...the cobbler's children have no shoes!  Well, this photographer spends so much time taking pictures for everyone else at the holidays, its hard to get my own card out.  This year, I'm determined! LOL!

I had my three grandkids over for Thanksgiving...I had ordered them all matching Christmas pjs and I was able to get them ALL dressed and got them to take pictures together!  It was a blast! 

My husband, Scott, was a good sport and dressed up as Santa for the kids.  They had no idea it was him...though Ethan did comment that Santa was wearing the same watch as Grandpa.  I had to remind him to use his "Santa voice" a few times, but it went really well. 

Our youngest grandson, Liam, would have been a happier boy if he had known Santa was just Grandpa in costume ; ) 

I can't wait to show you guys my cards when I get them together...but here is a sneak peak of some of the photos I took! 


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